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We are serving companies in energy, banking, insurance, telecommunications and hospitality industries since 2007. Covering five countries on three continents, we help our clients to be more effective, efficient, better informed, and to make smarter decisions. To win at their business.

We remain focused on applying core principles of artificial intelligence through our proprietary technologies, algorithms and data-sources in support of our customers. To learn more about what we do, have a look at our products and technologies.

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we are proud to assist, among others


“With Opinica, we quickly know what our customers think - whether they express it in social media, call-center or survey.”


Monitoring social media? Analyzing an employee engagement survey? Processing customer feedback? NPS feedback? Call-center logs?

Opinica helps you gain quick insights from any text, in real-time and on budget.



“Nothing happens without a context. Zeitgeist adds context to our data enabling us to predict the future.”

Prediction of future scenarios, probability estimation, risk modeling and action recommendation based on machine learning with business-relevant context. 

Make smarter decisions, optimize operations, mitigate risks - by seeing the future.


“With Text API's, anyone can turn any text into actionable insights.”

Text API's enable discovery of crucial knowledge hidden in your unstructured collections of text data, empowering you to align your business with the voice of customer. Add sentiment analysis, topic detection and demographics estimation to your application with a few lines of code.