Meet our founders


Bruno Jakic

Bruno taught himself programming at age 12, releasing a popular freeware MP3 organizer, MP3Base, at age 17. He worked as a freelance developer and tech consultant during high school and through college, creating and patenting a data compression and encryption technology. He was the CTO of iBOOD from 2005 until 2009, leaving behind a award-winning, mature platform serving hundreds of thousands of users daily. Together with Mark and to pursue their common dream, in 2007 he set up Ai Applied.

In 2009, he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam, graduating on a system that recognizes the age and gender of people standing nearby using a webcam, and continued studies to obtain a Master of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence in 2012, graduating on prediction of reactions to news.

In his spare time, Bruno makes electronic music, reads (old) science fiction, follows technology developments and writes about them and compulsively watches documentaries on any and every subject. His latest side-project is Nonopticon, a tool for secure and inconspicuous communications.

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Mark Mooij

Mark finished his Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam in 2012 following the Web Information Retrieval track. Mark started freelancing in IT in 2003 with various projects in web-application design. In 2007 he co-founded Ai Applied together with Bruno realizing their joint high-school dream of starting a company together. In addition to the broad background in AI Mark's speciality lies in Sentiment Analysis which was the subject of his Master Thesis.  In 2009 Mark obtained a Bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence on the subject of Model based decision making. Mark's expertise in Python is extended as Ai Applied's web expert in Django facilitating access to Ai Applied's core technologies through API's.

Mark is an enthusiastic diver using every travelling opportunity as an excuse to put on scuba gear. Next to diving for fun he's a PADI assistant instructor travelling to Spain once a year to assist in teaching various PADI courses.

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