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Leverage the power of thinking technology. Ai Applied provides technologies and services which help you obtain valuable insights from your texts, social media, web and other data. Find out how this is useful, what it was used for, or meet our team.


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By using Ai Applied's APIs, you can improve your service by making your data richer and more relevant, by enabling new insights and enriching old ones. At any scale. In real-time. All the time.

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You can utilize our technologies and expertise through our products, or by working closely with us to solve your challenges and exploit your opportunities with text and other data. Others have preceded you!

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Our TrendViz product is featured in this great article on @FastCoDesign: "TrendViz Turns News Relevant To You Into Sleek Data Visualizations": http://www.fastcodesign.com/3031160/this-new-data-visualization-program-lets-you-track-trends


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Our TrendViz product is featured in this great article on @FastCoDesign: "TrendViz Turns News Relevant To You Into Sleek Data Visualizations": http://www.fastcodesign.com/3031160/this-new-data-visualization-program-lets-you-track-trends

Together with our partner CLEVER°FRANKE, we've launched a Big Data showcase visualizing online news articles and social media in an intuitive way - presenting patterns, relations and tone-of-voice concerning your topics of interest. 

Created in response to contemporary breaches of communication privacy, surveillance and snooping on ordinary citizens Ai Applied releases Nonopticon. Nonopticon offers an easy way to communicate securely. It is available free of charge on http://nonopticon.com.

We wish you all a happy New Year!

That this year may bring many awesome apps, mashups, collaborations, bliss and joy!

- Ai Applied team

In an ongoing series of publications, Submarine Channel has shared some interesting insights derived from half-year tracking of Unspeak terms using Ai Applied's Data Miner System and API through Unspeak's visualization

Today, GE Artesia launched their new website including the Commodity News Cloud powered by Ai Applied. The News Cloud gives you instant one-stop access to all the latest commodity developments.

Today, Submarine Channel launched their Unspeak project, powered by Ai Applied's technologies.  Ai Applied's Data Miner System enables the monitoring of frequency of use of different Unspeak terms, as well as a analysis of the sentiment expressed in those messages, the estimation of age and gender of message writers, and the extraction of their opinions from masses of information.

Often, HTML pages contain more text and information than what is strictly considered content. This includes commercials, links, general make-up information, comments etc. With our Text Extract API, you can automatically extract the actual text content from HTML pages.

From now on, you can conduct Sentiment Analysis, Language Detection, Text Labeling and Demographics estimation for text in Russian and Italian languages. Our Data Miner System and API receives and processes data in these languages as well.

We are proud to announce that we have improved the average accuracy of the gender detection in our Demographics API to 75%. The improvements are effective immediately, and apply to the Data Miner System as well, as this system uses Demographics API for gender and age detection. 

Currently, the Data Miner System enables you to answer quantitative questions, like "What is the percentage of 21-30 year old woman that is positive about my product?". The new addition means that you can also see WHY.

We are proud to introduce the newest addition to our pool of enablement technologies, Text Label API. Text Label API provides automatic extraction of the most important phrases ("labels") from text of any length through a Application Programming Interface (API) for several languages.

We would like to announce that we have prepared and tested our systems to comply fully with new rules posited by Twitter. In addition, there are upcoming changes in the Data Miner API interface; if you use the API, please read this post.

Over the last 3 years Ai Applied,  together with leaders from industry and government,   has been involved in the Dutch think tank about transportation in 2040.  On the 5th of Febraury STT proudly presented their final publicaion 
"Het vervoer van morgen begint vandaag"


The Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Interactions magazine features FoodMood, a system built upon our Sentiment Analysis API.

We are proud to announce the completion of our Data Miner System and API.

For Vodafone, with our partners CLEVER°FRANKE, we identified people on Twitter of ages 15-25 and analysed and visualized the issues that ocuppy them, and the corresponding sentiments from a million tweets.