Contextual prediction and recommendation

“The financial planning, services and communication departments of Essent struggled with a percentage of monthly energy invoices being paid past due. In order to predict the percentage of invoices which can be expected to be paid on time Zeitgeist predicts and identifies risks with an unseen level of accuracy. Zeitgeist combines Essents internal client data with insights from news analysis in order to create an uniquely accurate and expressive predictive model.”

“The procedure for obtaining a mortgage involves a tremendous amount of time (weeks to months), stress and paperwork, for both the bank and the customer. In order to improve competitiveness, the Volksbank has the ambition to discard the old way of doing things, moving forward with the initiative of “mortgage within one minute”. This required a whole new approach, leveraging sources of  information which can be obtained autonomously as well as accurate risk prediction systems.”


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 Zeitgeist is able to predict future scenarios and probabilities using a combination of internal data and external context

Decrease risk, increase revenues, decrease operational costs, increase customer satisfaction.


Machine Learning

Turn your data into valuable assets using our proprietary machine learning algorithms


External context

Link internal data with external context, such as news or public / social user profiles



Low maintenance: self-learning, self-assessing, self-improving systems



Simplify your operations by leaving parts of the work to the machine


Zeitgeist deployment process

A multi-step approach, intended to minimize financial and operational risk


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