Use Cases

Since 2007, we have helped solve numerous business challenges. A selected sample of use cases to which we applied our technologies and processes indicates the breadh of our solutions.


"Who would have thought that paying your energy bills on time can depend on whether your favorite soccer club wins or loses?”

The financial planning, services and communication departments of Essent struggled with a percentage of monthly energy invoices being paid past due. In order to predict the percentage of invoices which can be expected to be paid on time Ai Appliedpredicts and identifies risks with an unseen level of accuracy. Ai Applied combines Essents internal client data with insights from news analysis in order to create an uniquely accurate and expressive predictive model.

The procedure for obtaining a mortgage involves a tremendous amount of time (weeks to months), stress and paperwork, for both the bank and the customer. In order to improve competitiveness, the Volksbank has the ambition to discard the old way of doing things, moving forward with the initiative of “mortgage within one minute”. This required a whole new approach, leveraging sources of  information which can be obtained autonomously as well as accurate risk prediction systems.

“We increased our market size by identifying previously non-eligible people as highly dilligent mortgage users.”


“Our response process was sped up by 40% and training time for new employees reduced by a whole year, and the system has just started learning!”

When a customer posts a request for legal assistance, ARAG’s specialists decide on the eligibility. To respond to the customer, a legal foundation needs to be defined that pertains to the customers requests. Finding the legal foundation and crafting a response letter used to be an entirely manual process. Ai Applied’s system automatically predicts the likely response, and automatically finds a template letter with the appropriate motivation, leaving ARAG’s specialist to personalize and send the letter, training the system further in the process.

When ING Bank looked for a way to improve the quality of their financial consulting, they needed a tool flexible enough to ingest, analyze, visualize and monitor the best practices over time of their star consultants without interrupting the work flow. Speech-to-text recognition is combined with Ai Applied’s techology to enable never before seen level of quality control.

“Just by talking, we can now get feedback on how we do. That’s amazing.”


“It has never been easier to understand our competitive advantage in the eyes of our consumers from so many different perspectives.”

To ensure the best possible experience for their customers, KPN Telecom wants to know what went well and what didn't to prioritize and monitor solutions. Ai Applied’s rechnology is used to monitor news and social media, e-mail boxes, NPS and call-center transcripts to provide a full view of topics, sentiments and priorities of their customers.

Chorally provides a regular, comprehensive and holistic overview of visitor feedback for the travel industry by crawling and indexing reviews of travel experiences across many platforms. Using Ai Applied's Text APIs, this data is turned into tangible value and actionable insights, empowering the setting of correct priorities in the improvement of travel offerings for their customers. 

"We give much more comprehensive advice to our customers with information gained from Ai Applied’s analytics.”


“These insights allowed us specific per-topic per-gender targeting of our marketing campaign, even though we analysed anonimous Twitter messages.”

When Vodafone wanted to reach the teenage demographic in the Netherlands, based on their preoccupations as they expressed these on social media, Text APIs provided a full technical solution which allowed Vodafone to analyse the collected data in great detail. As a result, Vodafone ran a highly targeted and succesful media campaign, using the insights for targeting and in advertising materials.


Did these use cases make you curious? Have a business challenge you think we might help solve?