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Discovery of crucial insights from text with a few lines of code

“Chorally provides a regular, comprehensive and holistic overview of visitor feedback for the travel industry by crawling and indexing reviews of travel experiences across many platforms. Using Ai Applied's Text APIs, this data is turned into tangible value and actionable insights, empowering the setting of correct priorities in the improvement of travel offerings for their customers. ”

“When Vodafone wanted to reach the teenage demographic in the Netherlands, based on their preoccupations as they expressed these on social media, Text APIs provided a full technical solution which allowed Vodafone to analyse the collected data in great detail. As a result, Vodafone ran a highly targeted and succesful media campaign, using the insights for targeting and in advertising materials.”


These and many other companies are enabled by our Text APIs

Do you have a challenge involving language detection, sentiment analysis, detection of conversation topics or detection of age and gender in text? Our Text APIs could help!

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Text APIs

Our Text APIs endpoints provide all functionality you need to make text power your business and applications.


Language Detection

What language are they writing in? Our API's automatically distinguish between tens of most commonly used languages online.

Sentiment Analysis

How do they feel about what they write? What is the tone of voice of a message? Our API's automatically and accurately detect sentiment of both topics and messages.

Conversation Topics

What are they writing about? What are the most important topics in a conversation or text? Our API's automatically extract the most important topics for you, from any number of messages.

Age and Gender

Who is writing? Our API's automatically estimate the age and gender of the text author, based on just the text, and optionally the author's (user)name.



full functionality can be accessed through two API endpoints



Text Analysis API

This endpoint provides integrated language detection, sentiment analysis, conversation topic extraction and more in a easy-to-use, integrated package. Whilst language detection supports many languages, topic extraction and sentiment analysis is available in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian. For more information on Text Analysis API, scroll down, or read the API implementation documentation.

Demographics API

This endpoint provides the detection of age and gender of the writer of a text, based on the text itself and, optionally, the (user)name of the author of a text. Demographics API can be used in conjunction with the Text Analysis API.  Age and gender detection is available in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian. For more information on Text Analysis API, scroll down, or read the API implementation documentation


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Ai Applied's API platform simplifies the discovery of crucial knowledge hidden in your unstructured collections of text, allowing you to align your business with the voice of customer.


Intents and priorities

Discover intents and priorities. Act timely, with knowledge. Enrich your data for prediction and insights. Cut costs and increase revenues. All by analyzing stores of unstructured text from tweets, social media messages, blogs, forums, web-pages, news or questionnaires.



Process data at any scale. Our services scale with your needs and budget. Customize your service for maximal effect, or just use the state-of-the art defaults. Don't worry about recurring costs. Pre-purchase credits, and refill when needed - no strings attached. 


Sentiment Analysis

Through Sentiment Analysis, you can detect the the attitude, opinion or feeling toward something, such as a person, organization, product or location, in whatever text data you happen to have in real-time, with 75%-85% accuracy. Need more accuracy? Yes, we can! Contact us for a custom solution.



    Demographics are the quantifiable statistics of a given population. Using this API, you can automatically estimate the age and gender of the writer of any text message, using only the text itself. 

    Depending on the language and the context of your text, this API can estimate gender as "male", "female" or "unknown" (for organizations) with around 70% accuracy, and the age category with about 60% accuracy, from the following categories:

    • 12-20 years
    • 21-30 years
    • 31-40 years
    • 41-55 years
    • 56-65 years

    Estimation accuracies can be improved towards 75%, if user-names or proper names of the message author (e.g. Twitter handles) are available. Any error in age recognition usually falls within the nearby category; e.g. someone who is 52 will most likely be in the 41-55 category, but otherwise almost certainly in the 56-65 category.

    For more details, please consult this API's documentation.

    Or go to the management dashboard.



      Supported Languages

      We are continuously improving the accuracy of our APIs and the range of available languages for analysis. Currently, Sentiment Analysis, Conversation Topic Extraction and Age and Gender Detection support the following 7 languages:

      • French (Français)
      • Italian (Italiano)
      • Russian (Русский)
      • English
      • Dutch (Nederlands)
      • German (Deutsch)
      • Spanish (Español)

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