Our platform enables business solutions across the range, providing analytics, prediction, workflow improvement, human-machine cooperation and decision making capabilities.

To identify and provide optimal solutions for your business challenge, we use our 5-step process:

1: Intake

  • Identify goal

  • Question goal

  • Identify requirements

  • Identify stakeholders

  • Estimate feasibility and establish evaluation criteria

2: Data collection

  • Establish legal and operational framework

  • Collect data from organization

  • Process and transfer data (e.g. anonimization etc.)

3: Proof of concept

  • Establish a working and evaluation group

  • Build a basic version of the system to prove feasibility

  • Evaluate and adjust

4: Scale up

  • Expand the working and evaluation group

  • Include more/better data sources, expand system capabilities

  • Evaluate and adjust

5: Deployment

  • Deploy the system withing the organization

  • Provide documentation and training when applicable

  • Final reporting

  • Set up a maintenance scheme

Using our process, we have solved numerous business challenges since 2007 in multiple industries, continents and countries.


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