Powerful, versatile text analytics

“When ING Bank looked for a way to improve the quality of their financial consulting, they needed a tool flexible enough to ingest, analyze, visualize and monitor the best practices over time of their star consultants without interrupting the work flow. Speech-to-text recognition is combined with Opinica to enable never before seen level of quality control.”

“To ensure the best possible experience for their customers, KPN Telecom wants to know what went well and what didn't to prioritize and monitor solutions. Opinica is used to monitor news and social media, e-mail boxes, NPS and call-center transcripts to provide a full view of topics, sentiments and priorities of their customers.”


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 Opinica offers powerful,versatile, instant text analytics on your data through a single, integral platform

Generate tailor-made reports and gain insight in your target audience with Opinica's topic detection, sentiment analysis and age and gender estimation


General text-analysis

Analyzing an employee engagement survey? Processing customer feedback? NPS feedback?

Opinica offers instant analysis and automated, fully customizable reporting on texts from surveys, meeting summaries, written reports and other internal documentation.

Discover useful patterns, problems, opinions and insights from your every-day company activities.


Social media monitoring

Tracking your social media channels? Social insight into your brands and business?

Opinica empowers you with personalized real-time reports with insights from social media, online news and other real-time sources.

Safeguard your brand value, manage the reputation and measure the engagement, the underlying feelings and problems and needs of your target-audiences towards your brands, products and initiatives.


Marketing research

Tracking a marketing campaign? Researching reach and impact?

Analyze and utilize insights with Opinica. Create your own reports on products, concepts, and issues relevant to your campaign. Find out who your prospective audience is and how to talk to them.


Customer service analysis

Where does your customer service spend most of their time on? Which questions are asked the most?

Direct reporting on the issues your customer service deals with. Customer service is switching more and more to the digital channel (e-mail and chat). With Opinica's real-time reporting actionable insights are offered on the most pertinent issues and sentiments at any moment on the customer service department. Allowing you to set priorities and track progress of the solutions.


Real Time Analysis

Gain insight from social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as online news, link your e-mail boxes or FTP accounts to Opinica, or upload your own text from surveys. Manage the reputation, measure the engagement, discover the underlying feelings, problems and needs. And you can do-it-yourself, consultancy free!


Customizable Reports

With the easy-to-use interface sharing insights becomes a piece-of-cake by generating automated fully customizable reports to quickly segment, derive and share insights from your target-audience for customer service, marketing and sales.



Whether you use Opinica to analyze social media, news, e-mail, surveys results, callcenter or chat logs, or any other text source, keep your budget in check as Opinica offers the option to work with pre-paid credits and without fixed fees. Start/stop campaign tracking at will or pay per upload, and only refill if you run out of credits.


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