Sentiment Analysis API


Sentiment Analysis API



Sentiment is the attitude, opinion or feeling toward something, such as a person, organization, product or location. 

You can use this API to enrich your text data with the corresponding sentiment in real-time. It will automatically determine and report a text's sentiment class and intensity.

It can be used in different modes (with different "classifiers", which can be customized to your requirements), putting the text in a "positive" or "negative" class, or ruling that a text is "neutral" (experimental).

Depending on the language and the context of your text, it offers accuracies between 75% and 85%. 

For more details, please consult this API's documentation.


Supported Languages

We are continually improving the accuracy of this API and the range of available languages for analysis. Currently, Sentiment Analysis API supports the following 7 languages:

  1. English
  2. Dutch (Nederlands)
  3. German (Deutsch)
  4. Spanish (Español)
  5. French (Français)
  6. Italian (Italiano)
  7. Russian (Русский)




  • Scroll down for a demo, credit purchase, classifier customization and upgrade options.


  • Click here to visit the Sentiment Analysis API documentation for implementation instructions and more information.


  • Click here to go to the management dashboard.



Feel free to test our sentiment analysis using the simple demo below. This detects the language of the text automatically (using the Language Detection API). If you need a different stringency level, different classification classes, or more accuracy, we can provide you with classifiers customized for your requirements. The following languages are supported: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.


API Use and Pricing

All our API's allow demo and testing use for free, with a limitation of 2500 "data units" processed per month. The use of the API beyond this limit requires a commercial account and a API key.

API use is measured per "data unit". A single "data unit" is a single text message, regardless of it's length, which is sent to the API for processing. This can, for instance, be a full news text, a collection of all tweets of a Twitter user, or a single forum message or tweet.

Depending on your requirements, it is possible to pre-purchase the processing for a set number of data units, to subscribe for on-going processing, or to request a custom offer. Purchases are processed by PayPal, or as a international bank transfer.

Pre-Purchased credit

  • You are running a campaign, building a proof-of-concept for a product, researching a concept or otherwise don't require ongoing processing of data.


  • You can pre-purchase the processing of a set number of data units with no strings attached.

Recurrent processing

  • You are in a production environment where you need recurrent processing of data for a foreseeable amount of time.


  • It is more economical to subscribe for (monthly) recurrent processing.The data unit limit will be reset  after each month of use.


  • If you still have pre-purchased credit attached to your API key and wish to switch to the recurrent processing service, the duration of the service will be extended for the remaining value of your pre-purchased credits.


  • The minimal duration of a subscription is six months, after which the subscription can be cancelled monthly!

Custom classifiers, large data volumes, on-site processing

  • You have a domain-specific application (for instance, processing financial texts), and you absolutely need the highest possible accuracy. We can create a domain-specific, custom-tailored classifier solution for you.


  • You are (recurrently) processing data volumes larger than those offered by the subscription plans outlined under "Recurrent processing", or you require specific guarantees of uptime/availability/service. We can help you.


  • You require all data processing to happen within your own network, and therefore you need a on-site, unlimited processing solution. This is possible.
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Contact us with your custom inquiry. 

It is also possible to receive an official offer for the use of our services by contacting us. Payments can also be made using international bank transfers. All stated prices exclude VAT (where applicable).

All API use is subject to the API Licensing Agreement and our Terms and Conditions. By conducting a purchase through this website, you state having read, understood and agreed to the terms set out in both documents.