Provincial Elections BuzzCharts powered by Ai Applied

At Ai Applied, we like to support relevant academic research whenever the chance presents itself, especially when it's possible to showcase the ease of use of our APIs at the same time. At the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, a group of three students have researched impact and scope of Twitter in the Dutch Provincial Elections. For their Social Web course, Carlo Bernardini (Development), Hüsnü Taş (Statistics) and  Deepak Soekhoe (Mining) have created an wonderful application which features an automated analysis of crowd sourced data about the Dutch Provincial Elections of 2015. The application shows insight into the number of mentions, sentiments, important topics and voted seats during the Dutch provincial elections. We are proud to have been able to support this project by providing analysis for sentiment and text-labels

We congratulate Carlo, Hüsnü and Deepak on a job well done. Be sure to check out their great app: 

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