Language Detection API


Language Detection API



With the Language Detection API, you can automatically detect the language a particular text message is written in, regardless of the message length or its source. Tweets, web-page extracts, or any other plain text are all supported. This API distinguishes 27 languages in real-time with a 99,98% accuracy.

For more details, please consult this API's documentation.



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Feel free to test our language detection using the simple demo below. Copy-paste or type a text in one of the supported languages, press "detect language", and the result will be shown below text field. 


Supported Languages

We are continually improving the range of available languages for this API. Currently, Language Detection API supports the following 27 languages:

  • Arabic (عربي)
  • Bulgarian (Български)
  • Czech (Čeština)
  • Danish (Dansk)
  • Dutch (Nederlands)
  • German (Deutsch)
  • Greek (ελληνικά)
  • English
  • Estonian (Eesti)
  • Finish (Suomi)
  • French (Français)
  • Hungarian (Magyar)
  • Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Italian (Italiano)
  • Latvian (Latviešu)
  • Lithuanian (Lietuvių)
  • Phillipino (Tagalog)
  • Polish (Polski)
  • Portugese (Português)
  • Romanian (Română)
  • Russian (Русский)
  • Serbian (Српски/Srpski)
  • Slovakian (Slovenčina)
  • Slovenian (Slovenščina)
  • Spanish (Español)
  • Swedish (Svenska)
  • Turkish (Türkçe)

API Use and Pricing

The use of this API costs 1 credit per text-item. For each credit you can have one piece of text (e.g. one tweet or one review) analysed, regardless of it's size.

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All API use is subject to the API Licensing Agreement and our Terms and Conditions. By conducting a purchase through this website, you state having read, understood and agreed to the terms set out in both documents.