Controllable Social Media Feed

Controllable Social Media Feed

Using a combination of functionalities provided by our API's, we offer a Controllable Social Media Feed. This product allows you display messages from Twitter and Facebook on your website, with the option of controlling which and what (kind of) messages are displayed. The Controllable Social Media Feed can combine different social media sources (currently supporting Twitter and Facebook) into a single integrated feed. Messages in the feed can be automatically filtered on their content and characteristics, such as the message's sentiment or language.

Using this product, you are in control of what social media content, concerning your company, brand or keywords of interests is displayed on your website. For example, you could choose to only display positive messages about your company from both Twitter and Facebook, or only the negative messages about a competitor.



We automatically collect all messages for your keywords from these social media sources. Next, all messages are filtered through our Sentiment Analysis API, and a filter is set so that only positive and neutral  messages are displayed in the feed. As currently seven European languages are available for sentiment analysis, messages in other languages are ignored.

We offer the possibility to manually manage the automatically filtered messages which are displayed in the feed. In the Controllable Social Media Feed manager, individual messages can be marked to be displayed or not. As an additional service, we offer the possibility of use  of custom classifiers which improve the performance of automatic classification based on this manual selection. This way, a context-sensitive classifier can constantly be improved to better suit your requirements.

The Controllable Social Media Feed is available as a Javascript-based plugin, and can be integrated into any website and into any design as to appear seamless in your existing website's design.